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If you're into retro, synthwave-y stuff (I know I am!), go wrap your earholes around it on BandCamp and throw some money at it:


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New Track Release: Ebullience (Uplifting Trance)

2017-05-17 13:30:31 by Mich

Have a new trance track, NG. I put a lot of work into this one, and I believe this is my best work of music to date.

Check it out right here:

Ebullience (Original Mix)


I've also put up an extended version you can buy on Bandcamp. It runs for 11 minutes, if you're into that kinda thing. I know I am.

Buy Ebullience (Extended Mix) on BandCamp. Note: "Stack Trace" is the new name I'll be using for Trance stuff outside of Newgrounds.

Stack Trace - Ebullience album art


Fancy long exposure photos in the fog

2017-01-25 04:40:35 by Mich

I used to regularly post photos I took here, but then I kind of neglected that hobby. A coupl3 of days ago I woke up and saw it was very foggy out, so I immediately went and took the camera for a walk to take these at a nearby junction.

You can click each of them to see the full resolution (6000x4000) on imgur. Here's the album on imgur with 2 more pictures.






Modular synthesizer stuff!

2016-05-25 05:02:10 by Mich

I've taken up synthesizer-building as a hobby, reviving my old electronics hobby. Yesterday I finished my 3rd oscilator, and it's a lot of fun to have them modulate each other, to produce all kinds of weird noises. Enjoy some bleeps and bloops and lasers.

In other news, after 5 years I'm back on the audio mod team helping out where I can. I also hang out lots in the (official this time)n NG Chat, come check it out.

I did a thing! DI Radio for Android v2.0

2015-06-05 04:50:53 by Mich

Hi all! I realize this isn't quite Newgrounds related, but I'm quite elated about this so bear with me.

I work with the awesome team at Digitally Imported Radio, and have been working on a brand new app for Android for the service for the last 10 months. All that work has come to fruition last night, as we finally released it.

So, if you're a fan of any kind of electronic music, go install it!

Screenshot of the channel list + collapsed player interface in the new DI Radio app

Huge thanks to my coworkers, Ian: for the "backend" coding of the app, as well as actual audio playback; Michał for assistance with design changes and missing iconography and all that; and last, but not least, Jonathan, who tirelessly worked to try and find ways to break the code I had written (in other words, very thorough testing).

Rezzie's album, "9" - Unconventional, non-generic music

2014-12-15 04:53:04 by Mich

I've just bought Rezzie's (Sequenced on NG) new album, titled "9", and so should you. It's a very fresh sounding collection of tracks, forming quite the opposite of generic.

Check it out on Bandcamp

"9" Album art

New Ambient music

2014-11-03 05:05:33 by Mich

If you're into that kinda thing, I made a droney ambient track list night. It runs for a good 7 minutes and 41 seconds.


The picture is a public domain image by NASA.


Mammatus clouds over Belgium

2014-06-10 03:10:21 by Mich

I'm visiting family in Belgium, and it appears I've chosen a good time to enjoy the heat thunderstorms, which come with sweet cloud formations. Here are a couple of photos I took yesterday.

You can click them for the full size.

Mammatus clouds 1

Mammatus clouds and sunset

SmithCommaJohn received notice last night that he and his family need to vacate their apartment within 90 days as the building is being torn down. They need all the financial support they can get to be able to find a new place within that time. 

Fortunately, we Newgrounders can help buy buying his EP on BandCamp and being generous in the "name your price" box. So without any further ado, GO GET IT


Dreamer EP artwork

The best track I've ever written - Trance inside!

2014-01-12 12:36:30 by Mich

Edit: I just noticed I posted this on my 6th account birthday, so woopee!

Welp, here you go NG, an NG cut of a Trance track I worked on for ages. I present to you: Magnitude  



The full version (8:35 instead of this 4:38) is on SoundCloud and BandCamp. Thanks for listening!