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I'm not going to comment on the mysteries themselves here, but on the look of the video.

I think it would be helpful to add a black outline to the overlaid text; that way the white text is still readable on bright image backdrops. An other way you could go about it is by overlaying the images with a semi-transparent black layer, darkening them.

I would also suggest using punctuation, and capitalizing the first letter of a sentence.

Other than that. it's a fun concept for a video! :)

sradhe responds:

Thanx for Your help
I will try to improve

nice but...

looked all fine, but I didn't watch the whole thing.
there's a little bug which makes it very anoying to proceed.
the little knob in the bottom right to proceed doesn't work so I had to right-click everytime and click play then.

I hop for you people are smart enough to figure that out and let it pass judgement.

supersonic5500 responds:

ok I fixed the description on the button

This is true art. period.

Like in the title, this is art. you managed to make something with feeling, and you managed to reproduce that feeling by the one who watches it.

This is the first flash I've ever seen that made my eyes wet.

Sorry I have run out of words for this.


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Very neat implementation of a classic, had a fun play-through. I like the visual shaking effect when you make a hit, it's a nice touch.

One thing I found a little confusing is the way the grid is drawn; at first I though the crosses where the middle of cells for some reason, rather than the corners. It's not very clear to me that the outer edge of the grid also contains cells; I'd perhaps add some more of those crosses around the edges to make it clearer, or maybe make it a full-fledged grid with fain, solid lines.

That's a lot of rambling on about a minor visual thing that bugged me a little. Overall, fun to play, well done.

osa11 responds:

going to fix GRID issue, thanks for your feedback :)

Nice for the absolute beginner

IT gives you a nice start on how to get around with it.
Though to be honest, I wouldn't quite make a tutorial about someting I've only been using for a couple of months myself :p

I wish you good luck to discover quite a bit more about FL studio, like automations, sidechaining etc.

Pretty neat

Nice Stepmania like game, but I'm guessing you haven't played it.
on flashflashrevolution.com you'll find this game with loads of songs and a whole community around it. I play a lot there so I thought I'd try this out.

First things first: work on the synchronization, I bet it's hard, but it's really necessary.

And please switch the up and the down arrow, in stepmania, FFR, DDR, ITG, they're switched, so every player of those games is used to it that way (including me) :p

Good job though!

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Having just clicked the latest track in the audio advertisements thread, I feel like I got extremely lucky.

I won't pretend I fully get how to work with non-4/4 time signatures, but I really dig this groove. The mix is super tight, there's lots of variation going, nice playing with the stereo field.

I can't think of anything more to add; great work, all involved.

TeraVex responds:

Thank you for the review! I gotta make some more odd metered stuff, it's a lot of fun once you find a good groove in it! I'm glad you enjoyed the tune! Greatly appreciate it!

Echoing pbj, it definitely is groovy. I'm digging the breakbeat, and the resonance-laden lead.

Sweet automations too, varying the envelope of the secondary (non-sub) bassline. Feels really vintage in a good way.

It feels a little bit like more of a loop than a song, in that I don't feel a lot of movement between sections, but maybe that's just what you were going for.

Syntrus responds:

Yea I see what you and PBJ are saying it’s all about getting out of the comfort zone. Definitely going for something someone can use in a game or video, but I probably have it in me to be more.

I can definitely tell there are some parts missing, particularly around the breakdown in the middle. Even so, it sets a somber mood (in a good way).

I think one thing I would've enjoyed is a bit of play with the stereo field, particularly with one of the cymbals that sounds kinda dead center, I think bouncing it back and forth even just 10-15% would give it a cool extra dimension.

Hard to judge without the missing parts, but I think it would make sense to do a variation of the drum pattern after the breakdown, instead of the very same, maybe even adding some closed hats on every 16th or something, adding a bit of energy.

Anyway my comments are probably a bit pointless given it's an unfinished scrapped piece. Definitely enjoyed it, mix on point and all.

retestment responds:

thanks, i might still work on it some more if i can get the flp so, your feedback actually is useful lol, as for the hats and stereo field, I'll play around with both if i can get the flp off my hard drive!

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