[PIC] Thunderstorm rolling in

2013-07-29 04:39:53 by Mich

Here's another picture. About 30 seconds after this picture everything was getting soaked.

[PIC] Thunderstorm rolling in


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2013-07-29 05:49:55

This is a really neat picture. If it was a painting instead of a photograph I might have complained it wasn't realistic.

Mich responds:

Yeah, you definitely see clouds like these very rarely. It looks as though it's falling down, pretty much because it was.


2013-07-29 12:14:35

at first i thought it was a northern lights type of foto

Mich responds:

Man, I wish.


2013-07-29 17:19:32

Amazing photo!

Mich responds:



2013-07-29 19:11:33

That's a wall cloud. :) Did it look like a big space ship when it was coming in? That means the clouds are rotating. We had really active skys where I live last year and I saw a few of those. It always made me want to go outside and watch it roll in. :D None of my pictures turned out this well though!

Mich responds:

I was pretty late to spot it actually. My mother's boyfriend called me out and said to bring my camera down; it already looked much like this. The bottom part looked a bit more like the "roll" above it though.

I'm quite happy with how it turned out as well, I think the lighting sits just right. Shame my lens doesn't let me capture an even wider angle as it was quite magnificent looking.


2013-07-30 18:12:06

It's so pretty :o

Mich responds:



2013-07-31 23:46:38


Mich responds: