I built something useful! Meet Instaudio

2013-05-20 09:12:05 by Mich

TL;DR: I made this: Instaud.io - quick and easy audio sharing for audio producers (music producers, singers, musicians, voice actors, sound designers...)

Over the past few months I've been working on a simple website for super simple audio file sharing. The target audience is musicians like you and me, who like to frequently share bits of work in progress on social networks or over IM, to get some feedback before finishing the final product and uploading it to the NGAP, SoundCloud, or what have you.

The main objective is to make it quick and simple, and I like to think that's what it is right now.

All you do is drag a file onto the page (or use a conventional upload button), wait for it to upload, and you get redirected to a very simple page with just a big audio player, under a short URL.

You can click on the progress bar in the player to advance to somewhere in the file, just like you would with any audio player. The difference is that the URL updates to include the time point you've selected. This lets you link to a specific point in an audio file, which makes it all the more useful for feedback.

Here's an example of an audio page: http://instaud.io/t
(That's my attempt at playing a simple version of Requiem for a Dream, but I digress.)

You don't need a user account or anything, you just get on there, upload your file, and you're done.

You have the chance to delete the file again as long as you don't close your browser. If you still need a file deleted after that, you can use the link in the footer.

I am continually working on improvements and new features for this thing; if you want to stay up to date, you can do that through Facebook or Twitter.

I hope y'all find it useful!

I built something useful! Meet Instaudio


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2013-05-20 10:12:48


Mich responds:



2013-05-20 11:44:06

Nice! :D

Mich responds:



2013-05-20 13:18:29

A work of art.

Mich responds:

Why thank you.


2013-05-20 16:16:52

I'm just going to make you notice a small problem: I tried to upload Glorious Morning from Waterflame, and then opened a new page and gone rummaging through some websites. When I came back, the download time counter had reset to 1. It continued doing this almost every time I switched from the page, and sometimes shown me an "server cannot be reached" error.

I'm using Chrome, and my internet connection is fine.

Mich responds:

What do you mean by download time counter? Do you mean the upload progress indicator?


2013-05-20 16:31:37

Neat idea. Thanks for creating and sharing this.

Mich responds:

Glad you like it. :)


2013-05-20 16:46:00

Awesome, man. I was getting tired of having to upload sound bips to tinypic. You're a gentleman, and a scholar.

Mich responds:

Happy to know you have a use for it! Thanks for the compliments.


2013-05-20 18:10:45

Wow, this is great. Definitely will be using this

Mich responds:

Very happy to hear so many people have a use for it! :)


2013-05-20 18:43:24

Wow And the day has been saved thanks to Mich. Take that Superman!

Mich responds:

Cheers! :)


2013-05-21 05:03:41

Bookmarked with the force of a thousand suns.

Mich responds:



2013-05-21 17:54:29

I can't wait to use it to share dick jokes with sessile.

Mich responds:

Like this thing an as yet unidentified person has uploaded? http://instaud.io/3


2013-05-22 12:15:11

Dude... that was better than any dick joke I could have come up with...

Mich responds:

It's pretty intense.


2014-05-18 00:20:54

Aha. So youre the mastermind behind this. I use this all the time. Literally, every time I start one of my dozens of WIPs to share with my friends/other producers, it goes there. Great great site :D

Mich responds:

Glad it's useful! :-)


2015-03-11 20:22:48

This is really cool. How did you manage it?

It would be much more useful if you could easily find the authors of tracks, but I like the interface. Random audio produces some nice surprises. :)

Mich responds:

Thanks! Web development is a long-time hobby turned into a career, so I had the necessary experience to build something like this.

If you're interested in nerdy details: It is built using the Ruby on Rails framework, uses the gem "CarrierWave" to deal with uploads, and archives uploads older than a month to Amazon's S3 file hosting service.

I have plans for introducing public profiles so you can browse through someone's public uploads on there (if they set it up), but I need to find some time for it next to other unrelated projects.

Random audio is fun but can be dangerous for your ears. :p


2015-03-12 05:50:29

Nice! Probably wouldn't hurt to run a little ad revenue on the side at some point. $3 a month isn't much but over a course of years it'd probably help to expand more if you had some $$ coming in. Never know. You might get huge. :)

Mich responds:

It's received slow but steady growth since its inception; people seem to be telling their friends. I do it all on the side of my job, so there's little time for it in my life presently.

If it keeps growing and costs too much to reasonably pay out of my own pocket, I'll look into setting up an actual business for it and making it pay for itself though. :)


2015-03-31 17:27:56

Didn't know you made the site. I use it on a regalur basis and I love the lay-out. It is very usefull indeed. Thanks!
Seems like it could be hard to grow since I see a lot of producers use clyp.it or any other audio sharing site than instaud.io. Anyways keep it up!

Mich responds:

Glad it's useful to you. :)

I haven't spent any money advertising it, so it's only growing by word of mouth. It has grown a lot over the past two years despite that though. :)



2017-09-13 07:53:37

wait...the site i've been using for years, YOU made it? :O wow...and i hear it from so many people....sadly it has errors to where it won't let me upload my songs sometimes but works most of the time. Well thanks man, your site has really helped me share my stuff to people on phones over the years. It's pretty mobile friendly to some. I was looking up troubleshooting then well..found ya haha.

Seriously though, very innovative. Thank you for it, I heard it from other people. Small world eh? XD

Mich responds:

Ha yep that's me, glad you're finding it useful!

Not sure what the trouble might be; it should take any valid mp3, ogg, and wav file under 15MB. An issue that happens with some regularity is when the disk on the server gets full, but usually the entire site just breaks then and you'll get something like "Incomplete response received from application".

One issue that was reported to me recently is when you have the character "%" in the filename; a bit of the software in between the webserver and instaudio itself chokes on that.

Hope that helps at all!


2017-09-13 10:12:10

I had no idea you were the genius behind Instaudio, but many thanks! It is truly exceptional audio resource.

Mich responds:

I don't think there's anything particularly genius about it, but thank you! :)


2017-09-13 17:33:42

Thanks, yeah that's basically what happens before the site goes error mode like that it basically says somethings wrong with the file even though there isn't it just takes some trying later on. But I didn't know it was ran by one person, that's really impressive. It's really the only way I can share music with people properly because of how easy it is.

I'd like to see the idea build and more people hear about it.


2017-10-18 15:20:54

Love the site, didn't realise the person who made it was a member of this forum. Well done dude!

Mich responds:

Thanks! :)