[PIC] Beautiful symmetry on a lake in Scotland

2013-03-24 12:00:28 by Mich

As seen in Aberfoyle, Stirling. Full size

[PIC] Beautiful symmetry on a lake in Scotland


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2013-03-24 12:45:21

Very nice;)

Mich responds:

Thanks! :)


2013-03-24 13:07:27

That's almost a perfect reflection. Looks nice!

(Updated ) Mich responds:

Just a tiny bit of waviness to it, which I guess I can attribute to a little bit of wind. Thanks!


2013-03-24 13:10:39

Wow, concidering this wasn't doctored after the initial picture was taken (I'm guessing) it was very well done.

Mich responds:

The only doctoring done was some contrast and color intensity adjustments, so thank you! :)


2013-03-24 13:11:31

Jesus, sorry about that!:O

Mich responds:

Lol oops. I deleted those duplicate comments for you.


2013-03-24 13:32:06

Amazing photo and can I use it as a photo reference?

Mich responds:

Thank you! Definitely, let me know what you come up with! :D


2013-03-24 16:09:31

cool! i've been there :D

Mich responds:

Really? It's a beautiful area isn't it? I hope you had some nicer (sunnier) weather though. :P


2013-03-26 05:26:26

I still see ripples 1/5.

Lol, jk! Reminds me of going "up to the lake" as we Minnesotans say. :3

(Updated ) Mich responds:

I didn't say "perfect" symmetry now did I? :P


2013-04-04 17:20:18

Great pic, definitely a good choice as a wallpaper. Thanks for the submit!

Mich responds:

Glad you like it! :)