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mysteries of the world mysteries of the world

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I'm not going to comment on the mysteries themselves here, but on the look of the video.

I think it would be helpful to add a black outline to the overlaid text; that way the white text is still readable on bright image backdrops. An other way you could go about it is by overlaying the images with a semi-transparent black layer, darkening them.

I would also suggest using punctuation, and capitalizing the first letter of a sentence.

Other than that. it's a fun concept for a video! :)

sradhe responds:

Thanx for Your help
I will try to improve

Do you have a waffle Do you have a waffle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Mich: "Would you like a waffle now?"
Brittany: "Oh god, yes."

He is just getting me one. :3 Yaaaaaaaaaay.

district blade ryu EP:4 district blade ryu EP:4

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

nice but...

looked all fine, but I didn't watch the whole thing.
there's a little bug which makes it very anoying to proceed.
the little knob in the bottom right to proceed doesn't work so I had to right-click everytime and click play then.

I hop for you people are smart enough to figure that out and let it pass judgement.

supersonic5500 responds:

ok I fixed the description on the button

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very neat implementation of a classic, had a fun play-through. I like the visual shaking effect when you make a hit, it's a nice touch.

One thing I found a little confusing is the way the grid is drawn; at first I though the crosses where the middle of cells for some reason, rather than the corners. It's not very clear to me that the outer edge of the grid also contains cells; I'd perhaps add some more of those crosses around the edges to make it clearer, or maybe make it a full-fledged grid with fain, solid lines.

That's a lot of rambling on about a minor visual thing that bugged me a little. Overall, fun to play, well done.

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osa11 responds:

going to fix GRID issue, thanks for your feedback :)

FL Studio Tutorial FL Studio Tutorial

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice for the absolute beginner

IT gives you a nice start on how to get around with it.
Though to be honest, I wouldn't quite make a tutorial about someting I've only been using for a couple of months myself :p

I wish you good luck to discover quite a bit more about FL studio, like automations, sidechaining etc.

keyAthlon keyAthlon

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty neat

Nice Stepmania like game, but I'm guessing you haven't played it.
on you'll find this game with loads of songs and a whole community around it. I play a lot there so I thought I'd try this out.

First things first: work on the synchronization, I bet it's hard, but it's really necessary.

And please switch the up and the down arrow, in stepmania, FFR, DDR, ITG, they're switched, so every player of those games is used to it that way (including me) :p

Good job though!

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Hard Techno 2017 Hard Techno 2017

Rated 4 / 5 stars

As SuperBastard mentioned, also digging the synthwave undertones; can see why you've got AliceMako down under "inspiration" :)

I like the more elaborate drumwork as compared to Retribution of the Insane. You didn't put this one under industrial like you did Retribution, but if you did (and otherwise I guess)... it'd be neat to experiment with some different ways to distort the drums for some gritty effects.

I like routing the non-kick drum sample channels to a single bus, and then apply effects there. You can also route them to a send channel to have some distortion going on there while still having the "clean" drums going into the master mix as well. Assuming FL studio, I think fruity blood overdrive (with x100 on), waveshaper, and fruity squeeze are all fun to experiment with, distortion-wise.

Rambling on about distortion aside, I'm not sure what to think about the melodic content of the track. I can hear you've had a lot of inspiration coming up with different melodies and backing riffs and whatnot, but I feel the track lacks somewhat in structure. There are buildups a few times, but they don't seem to lead to anything of higher energy. Not sure if I'm making sense at all.

For structure inspiration I like to listen to several tracks from different artists in the style I'm aiming at and make note of what elements they employ to get the tension going between key parts of the track, then sort of try to combine them into my own blend of things that work. Hope that helps at all.

Anyhow, good work. Make more. :-)

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Levée En Masse Levée En Masse

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ooh, gnarly stuff, definitely differing a bunch from what I usually hear from you.

While that very varying bassy synth keeps my interest, I'd have loved some serious overcompression and destruction on that snare drum, just to add a good layer of noise to it.

Speaking of the drums, they main pattern stays pretty rigid throughout the piece, a momentary variation every few bars wouldn't be out of place. Perhaps a bit of stereo effect work wouldn't be out of place for them either.

That said, on a second listen it becomes clear the majority of the labour here has gone to that bassy synth; there's a lot detail to it, which I doubt I'd find the patience for.

I also do like the subtle one-shot background noises you've thrown in there (like that little evil laugh), and the reverby scream or whatever it is. Hard to pick good samples for that sort of stuff and then still use a good bit of moderation in how they should lay in the mix, so kudos for that.

As usual, you've maintain a good mix of classic instruments (piano and strings), which I always appreciate.

Keep at it. =)

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MutualCore responds:

love ya babe.

[Knox]Under the Stars [Knox]Under the Stars

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like that very Waltz-y feel it immediately has to it. (oom-ta-ta).

What stands out immediately is the copious amounts of reverb. It sets an interesting atmosphere right at the start.

As other elements come into the song, I feel like this reverb might just be a little bit overkill. I'd keep it for a sort of interlude. You could create some interesting dynamics by making the backing track (which is what I consider the reverb-bathed stuff as) not a constant presence.

Enough about that; I like that layering of multiple instruments you've got going on, it works together well. Nice use of panning too, although I get the impression that the right end is more populated than the left (listening on headphones).

The ending was well executed too. No simple fading, but well done gradual elimination of instruments.

Good job, I liked it. :-)

Knoxius responds:

I was thinking about that reverb as I listened a little bit ago, and I now I intend to go back and drastically reduce it. Not sure why I thought that much reverb would be a good idea at the time :P