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[PIC] Long exposure traffic lights and traffic

12/10/13 by Mich
Updated 12/10/13

Stop and go. (Click image for full size)


In other news, I moved house recently. Still figuring out the nearby good photo spots.  


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not bad, but not the most interesting pic you've taken. lighting is really good though. would have preferred you shot at a different angle that exposed more of the background with the cityscape.

12/12/13 Mich responds:

I didn't have a lot of range to position my camera here I'm afraid. Ideally I would've shot it from a much higher altitude to reveal that cityscape, but I didn't have a lift or anything on hand :P

If I'd swiveled the camera to the left, you'd see a row of houses getting in the way of the background cityscape.

I'm not too happy about the lighting, mostly because of the ever-present sodium lights messing everything up. This white balance setting did the best job of making it less present though.



Neat. That actually happend to me in the city a few weeks ago. As in the traffic lights were actually broken and all the lights were on at the same time.

12/10/13 Mich responds:

Shit, what do you do then? Observe traffic laws as if there are no traffic lights there? What if not everyone figures thinks fo that?