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[PIC] Scotsman wearing kilt, playing bagpipes (holiday) + New song!

2013-03-04 14:06:12 by Mich

I'm out on holiday in Scotland for a week, and I got the chance to take a photo of something very very Scottish: a man wearing a traditional kilt, playing the bagpipes. Bonus long beard, too.

In other news, I actually finished a song. It's a 6m30s chillout track I'm pretty proud of, so go check it out: Singularity

[PIC] Scotsman wearing kilt, playing bagpipes (holiday) + New song!


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2013-03-04 17:25:47



2013-03-05 12:59:01

Was the guy wearing any undergarments? True Scotsmens usually don't.

Mich responds:

I was polite enough not to go up to him and look under his kilt, so I'm afraid I can't answer that one.